Design and development of an internet telephony test device

Çelikadam, Turgut
The issues involved in Internet telephony (Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) device) can be best understood by actually implementing a VoIP device and studying its performance. In this regard, an Internet telephony device, providing full duplex voice communication over internet, and a user interface program have been developed. In the process, a number of implementation issues came into focus, which we have touched upon in this thesis. Transport layer network protocols are discussed in the concept of real time streaming applications and Real Time Protocol (RTP) is modified to use as transport layer protocol in developed VoIP device. Adaptive playout buffering algorithms are studied and compared with each other by trace driven simulation experiments with objective measures. A method to solve clock synchronization problem in streaming internet applications is presented. One way and round trip delay measurement functionalities are added to the VoIP device, so that device can be used to investigate the network characteristics.
Citation Formats
T. Çelikadam, “Design and development of an internet telephony test device,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2003.