Control actuation systems and seeker units of an air-to-surface guided munition

Akkal, Elzem
This thesis proposes a modification to an air to surface guided munition (ASGM) from bang-bang control scheme to continuous control scheme with a little cost. In this respect, time domain system identification analysis is applied to the control actuation system (CAS) of ASGM in order to obtain its mathematical model and controller is designed using pulse width modulation technique. With this modification, canards would be deflected as much as it is commanded to. Seeker signals are also post-processed to obtain the angle between the velocity vector and target line of sight vector. The seeker is modeled using an artificial neural network. Non-linear flight simulation model is built using MATLAB Simulink and obtained seeker and CAS models are integrated to the whole flight simulation model having 6 degrees of freedom. As a flight control unit, fuzzy logic controller is designed, which is a suitable choice if an inertial measurement sensor will not be mounted on the munition. Finally, simulation studies are carried out in order to compare the performance of the أASGMؤ and أimproved ASGMؤ and the superiority of the new design is demonstrated.
Citation Formats
E. Akkal, “Control actuation systems and seeker units of an air-to-surface guided munition,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2003.