Selection of light source and implementation of data acquisition system of an optical experimental setup

Reyhanioğlu, Erinç
The construction of an optical experimental setup is the objective, to measure transmission coefficient of optical components used in plasma investigations. Thus, proper light source either with continuous or line radiation spectrum should be used. In addition, the detectors̕ output signal is recorded on a PC based data recorder after being digitized by an analog to digital converter card.


Design and construction of an experimental apparatus for the interferometric measurement of micrometer level clearances
Yıldırım, Murat; Dursunkaya, Zafer; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2009)
In this study a fiber optic interferometer (FOI) was designed and constructed to measure micron level clearances occurring in piston cylinder arrangements. A Cartesian model of the piston cylinder assembly is manufactured and lateral motion and vertical displacement are generated via a step motor, and micrometers, respectively. Clearance measurements are conducted in air and also in a lubricant. The range of vertical displacements is kept between 0-50 μm, and the lateral motion is 13.5 mm. The effect of the...
Development of compact terahertz time-domain terahertz spectrometer using electro-optic detection method
Metbulut, Mukaddes Meliz; Altan, Hakan; Department of Physics (2009)
The goal of this thesis is to describe development of compact terahertz time-domain spectrometer driven by a mode-locked Ti:Sapphire laser. The terahertz radiation was generated by photoconductive antenna method and detected by electro-optic detection method. In this thesis, several terahertz generation and detection method, working principle of terahertz time-domain spectroscopy and its applications are discussed. We mainly focused on working principle of terahertz time-domain spectroscopy and characteriza...
A CMOS n-well microbolometer FPA with temperature coefficient enhancement circuitry
Eminoglu, S; Tezcan, DS; Akın, Tayfun (2001-04-20)
This paper reports the development of a low-cost CMOS microbolometer focal plane array with a new temperature coefficient enhancement readout circuit. We have recently reported an uncooled microbolometer detector that uses the CMOS n-well layer as the active material, where the suspended and thermally isolated n-well structure is obtained by silicon bulk micromachining of fabricated CMOS dies. In addition, we have successfully fabricated a 16x16 n-well microbolometer FPA. Although n-well is single crystal s...
Selection of Suitable Carrier-Based PWM Method for Modular Multilevel Converter
Ciftci, Baris; Erturk, Feyzullah; Hava, Ahmet Masum (2014-05-21)
The Modular Multilevel Converter (M2C) has become the preferred topology for use in high power applications in recent years. This paper gives guiding information for M2C design, in terms of carrier-based PWM methods. Phase and level shift methods are considered. The enhancement due to zero sequence signal injection is also quantified. It is found that output voltage characteristics are highly dependent on the PWM method used. Therefore, selection of the switching method is a critical design issue in M2C stu...
Design and construction of an interferometric setup for dynamic measurement of clearances inside plain bearings
Jafari-Tabrizi, Atae; Dursunkaya, Zafer; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2017)
In this work with the help of fiber optic interferometry an experimental framework is designed and constructed to dynamically measure micron-level clearances inside main journal bearing of an engine crankshaft, and the trajectory of its shaft. For this purpose, the crankshaft is rotated at lower speeds than its operating speeds. An electric motor is used to rotate the crankshaft, and there are no pistons and connecting rods connected to the crankpins. Measured clearances from multiple points of the bearing ...
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E. Reyhanioğlu, “Selection of light source and implementation of data acquisition system of an optical experimental setup,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.