A minimalistic approach to Russian-English-Turkish multilingualism

Özağaç, Oya
The empirical question which is the focus of present research is: How may the lexicons from different languages interact in the course of one syntactical derivation, resulting in code switching phenomena? We develop the following hypothesis concerning code switching: The units of intrasentential code switching are either heads or functional maximal projections. To get support for this hypothesis, intrasentential code switching instances from Russian-English-Turkish and Dutch- Turkish spoken data are analyzed within the minimalist framework. In the data analysed, it has been observed that the data gathered support this hypothesis and that the Minimalist Program has an explanatory force for bilingual language processing.
Citation Formats
O. Özağaç, “A minimalistic approach to Russian-English-Turkish multilingualism,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2002.