The contribution of geographic information system to the urban planning process in Turkey

Kepoğlu, Volkan Osman
This thesis attempts to show the contribution of Geographic Information System to urban planning process in Turkey. GIS can enhance the planning system by providing an access to accurate, reliable and update geographical information, producing alternatives according to the scenario and ensuring participation in the evaluation of the alternatives. This is the high level contribution of GIS for the enhancement of planning. The contribution can occur; if certain conditions are sustained such as establishment of geographical data provision system among public institutions. Obviously, these are connected with available technical and social infrastructure. Although, there is not a digital infrastructure system among the public institutions, several general directorates have started to provide some geographical information in their works. These efforts should be increased in quality and quantity. From the planning point of view, we argue that these are not even at satisfying level to work with the GIS in the plan-making processes. To prove our argument, the use of GIS and technology in the Bank of Provinces and private planning offices are inquired. The results of the thesis study show that the Bank of Provinces is in the transition period for the use of GIS. Private planning offices are in the initial stage and some of them seem unable to adopt themselves if the plan-making process becomes digital, because of the extra costs for them. Therefore, geographical data provision policies among public planning institutions will determine the future development of GIS in the planning process.
Citation Formats
V. O. Kepoğlu, “The contribution of geographic information system to the urban planning process in Turkey,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2003.