Design problems of AOÇ as a public property

Yıldırım, Derya
In this thesis, the loss of land totality and loss of sight of establishment purposes of a unique application AOÇ which is a very vital open green area for Ankara is discussed since it was established. The importance of AOÇ for the city of Ankara, loosing its land totality and diverging from its establishment purposes was of interest to public opinion for long years. This study aims to analyze the location of AOÇ in the city, the role of AOÇ within Ankara Metropolitan area, its qualities and the future objectives of the State Farm which were deviated from its establishment purposes by means of inefficient planning regulations. It is obvious that as a public property, the establishment purposes and the ideology behind AOÇ must be reevaluated considering the opportunities of the State Farm as a huge open green area for the city. Moreover, some future principles for the fragmented farmlands must be determined according to the development area of the city. With this aim, the location of AOÇ in the city and the roles given to AOÇ by the Ankara city plans is analyzed since its establishment and the reevaluation of establishment purposes and the basic objectives necessary for the future development of AOÇ and design principles necessary to preserve the totality of AOÇ and open farmlands back to public use is argued in this thesis.
Citation Formats
D. Yıldırım, “Design problems of AOÇ as a public property,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.