Tourism development and spatial organization : Antalya - Belek case

Almaç Erdem, F. İrem
The rapid development in tourism sector in Turkey after 1980s led to an uncontrolled and unplanned development in the small settlements close to the tourism development areas. This is the result of the incrementalist tourism planning understanding emerged as the consequence of not considering the small settlements as a part of tourism development scenarios. Within the thesis, the tourism development areas and the economic, social, cultural and spatial relations of small settlements surrounding are discussed. It is emphasized that the concept of tourism is quite comprehensive and it is claimed that tourism legislation and tourism planning should be prepared taking into account that comprehensive tourism description. The questions, whether a role is described for small settlements in the tourism development scenarios in the course of tourism planning experiences of Turkey after 1980s or not, and what kind of approaches the tourism policies include about the development of small settlements are tried to be answered referring to the Tourism Encouragement Law Code: 2634 and Amended Law on Tourism Encouragement Law Code: 4957. The claims that tourism planning in Turkey after 1980s has not been carried out with a comprehensive planning approach and no part is reserved for the small settlements in tourism development scenarios are looked through over Antalya -Belek Tourism Centre and the hypothesis put forward in the thesis are proved through the mentioned sample areas. Moreover, within the scope of this thesis, recommendations and proposals on the legal regulations for the solution of problems determined and on the content of أtourism development plansؤ are given.


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F. İ. Almaç Erdem, “Tourism development and spatial organization : Antalya - Belek case,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.