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Cleaner production oppotunity assessment for market milk production in Atatürk Orman Çiftliği (AOÇ) facility

Özbay, Arzu
In this study, possible cleaner production opportunities for a dairy processing facility are examined, considering the market milk production process. Cleaner production concept and its key tools of implementation were analyzed to build the basis of study. General production process and its resulting environmental loads are discussed by taking possible CP opportunities as the axis of study. A methodology is developed for cleaner production opportunity assessment in Milk Processing Facility of Atatürk Orman Ciftligi. The methodology covers two major steps; preparation of checklists for assisting auditing and opportunity assessment; implementation of the mass balance analysis. For mass balance analysis, measurements and experimental analysis of the mass flows are utilized to determine the inputs and outputs. Prepared check lists are utilized to determine waste reduction options that could be implemented. Selected opportunities are evaluated considering its environmental benefits and economic feasibility.