Modeling a modern marble processing plant by using petri net

Çelebi, Neş'e
All developing countries need sufficient raw material resources to develop and to guarantee their future. Considering Turkish natural resources, marble has a great importance because of its demand on the market, reserve amount and quality. However, some effort is required to improve the existing marble production and processing efficiency. Petri nets (PNs) are the information models that control the flow for concurrent and synchronous systems. In this regard, PN application can be useful. However, its application is limited to the complex systems and no application of PN is available in mining sector. iii In this sense, this study aims to examine the applicability of PN to mining. This study examines the production system in order to optimize the process in case of two different types of marble product orders. Three case studies are applied to examine benefits and difficulties in implementation of PN to a marble processing plant. The study shows that PN can successfully be used as a tool for the optimization of total production time, simulation and modeling of the system. It provides to see the sequence of the processes, their time, remaining time of each transition and optimum total production times. The difficulties of PN implementation are found out as the determination of each path in the reachability graph, matrix representation with large quantity of place, etc.


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N. Çelebi, “Modeling a modern marble processing plant by using petri net,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2003.