A study on the application of e-commerce in Turkish mining industry

Mutlu, Yakıcı İçli
In this thesis, a road map/strategy that must be followed by firms that want to utilize e-commerce facilities is established. For this purpose, road map suggestions that were taken from literature were examined and a road map which can be followed by mining companies is developed. First, a questionnaire was applied to mining firms to understand the attitude of mining sector to e-commerce. Then a firm that had involved in the questionnaire and was interested in e-commerce was selected to work with. The studies related to e-commerce accomplished by this firm in the past were evaluated and recommendations for the studies that it should perform in the future were indicated based on the questionnaire taken from literature and questions prepared for this study. In the light of all data obtained from this case study, the initially suggested road map was rearranged and the results were discussed.
Citation Formats
Y. İ. Mutlu, “A study on the application of e-commerce in Turkish mining industry,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.