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A comparison of two teacher-written feedback procedures given to EFL students at the department of basic english and students' attitudes towards these feedback procedures

Tümkaya, Umman
This thesis aims to compare two teacher-written feedback procedures (total feedback via error codes vs. selective feedback via general comments) for the students' structural errors - grammar, vocabulary, mechanics- and to examine students' attitudes towards these feedback techniques. For this purpose, two groups consisting of 10 students in each at the Department of Basic English were given feedback with the above mentioned techniques for eight weeks and heir performance was tested in a writing exam at the end of the study. mAfter testing the students' performance in the post-test, group interviews were carried out with the students to find out information about their attitudes towards the two types of teacher feedback. The analysis of the data collected through the post-test indicated that there is not a significant difference between the mean scores of the two groups (p > 0.05). Hence, it was found that the different treatments applied proved no difference in terms of improving students' accurate language use. The analysis of the student interviews indicated that all the students were positive towards error indication. However, they had varying preferences as to the amount and type of feedback. Most students in the study favoured total feedback and preferred getting comments from the teacher to receiving codes, as they believed that comments were more helpful to correct their mistakes and improve their writing.