Experimental investigation for mechanical properties of filament wound composite tubes

Erdiller, Emrah Salim


Pulsed optically stimulated luminescence from α-Al2O3:C using green light emitting diodes
Bulur, Enver (1997-01-01)
Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) from alpha-Al2O3:C was investigated using green light emitting diodes (LED) for excitation. Time resolved luminescence characteristics of the samples were studied by pulsing the LEDs during the readout. The effects of excitation light intensity, pulse width and readout temperature on the OSL signal were investigated. The radiation dose response of the dosimeters with above mentioned parameters was also evaluated for the applicability to radiation dosimetry.
Spectroscopic modifications of the pippard relations for NaNO2 in the paraelectric phase
Yurtseven, Hasan Hamit (2002-02-01)
We examine here our spectroscopic modification of the first Pippard relation for the paraelectric phase of NaNO2. By establishing a linear variation of the specific heat C-P with the frequency shifts 1/nu 2nu/deltaT for the q[010], q[001] and q[100] modes of NaNO2, we are able to calculate dT/dP values for the paraelectric phase in this crystalline system. Our calculated dT/dP values agree with those given in the literature.
Advances in luminescence instrument systems
Bøtter-Jensen, L.; Bulur, Enver; Duller, G.A.T.; Murray, A.S. (2000-12-15)
We report on recent advances in the development of luminescence measurement systems and techniques at Riso. These include: (1) optical stimulation units based on new-generation powerful blue light (470 nm) emitting diodes providing up to 28 mW/cm(2) for OSL measurements; (2) an infrared (830 nm) laser diode unit providing up to 400 mW/cm(2) for stimulation of feldspars; and finally (3) an optical stimulation attachment based on a focused solid stale green (532 nm) laser for rapid OSL measurements of individ...
Hydroelectric power potential and its use in Turkey
Taşdemiroğlu, Erol (Elsevier BV, 1988-7)
Hydroelectric development in Turkey is briefly reviewed. The results of estimates of gross and economically exploitable hydroelectric power potentials are compared. Dam sites and their order for construction are identified. Present and future developments in the power sector are analyzed and projections are given for electricity consumption and production to the year 2010. Hydraulic, thermal and nuclear contributions to total electricity generation are discussed. Finally, problems associated with hydroelect...
Theoretical study of solar ponds for space heating in diverse climatic conditions of Turkey
Taşdemiroğlu, Erol (Elsevier BV, 1988-11)
The thermal performance of a solar pond operating under steady-state conditions is analysed theoretically for use in space heating in four diverse Turkish locations having widely different climates. The average pond temperature for each month is obtained for maximum heat extraction, with the thickness of the pond-insulating layers as a fixed parameter. For a fixed pond-insulating layer, the useful heat withdrawn during the month is calculated for these four locations. Space-heating loads and the solar heati...
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E. S. Erdiller, “Experimental investigation for mechanical properties of filament wound composite tubes,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.