Effects of guided reading on upper-intermediate level English language learners' writing outcome at the Turkish Prime Minister

Orgun, Fırat
This study aims at finding whether reading about a specific topic/genre affects the writing outcome on the same topic/genre and the general writing performance positively in terms of content, organization, grammar, vocabulary and mechanics. This study was conducted with two upper-intermediate level EFL classes. Both groups were given a sample KPDS and a pre-test of writing at the beginning of the study. For five weeks, one of the groups received extra reading instruction with the usual writing instruction while the other group followed usual writing instruction only. Both groups̕ performance was tested with a writing test at the end of each week and a post-test at the end of the treatment. The analyses of the data collected through these tests indicated that there were not significant differences between the mean scores of the two groups (p?0.05). Hence it was found that the different treatments applied to the groups proved no difference in terms of improving students writing ability.


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F. Orgun, “Effects of guided reading on upper-intermediate level English language learners’ writing outcome at the Turkish Prime Minister,” M.A. - Master of Arts, Middle East Technical University, 2004.