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Effects of web-based multimedia annotated vocabulary learning in context model on foreign language vocabulary retention of ıntermediate level english langauge learners

Baturay, Meltem Huri
The aim of this study was to investigate the effects web-based multimedia annotated vocabulary learning in context model and in spaced repetitions on vocabulary retention of intermediate level English language learners. The research study encompassed two main faces which was related to development of the material and implementation of it. In WEBVOCLE, which stands for web-based vocabulary learning material, the contextual presentation of vocabulary were enriched with audible online dictionary, pictures and animations; target words were repeated by the learners with interactive exercises, such as gap-filling, cloze and multiple choice test, games, puzzles, in ‘spaced repetitions’. In the study both qualitative and quantitative data were gathered through attitude questionnaires, checklists, interviews, focus group interviews and through vocabulary retention tests. The qualitative data were analyzed according to qualitative data analysis techniques and quantitative data were analyzed using SPSS statistics software. Feedback obtained from the learners demonstrated that they not only developed a positive attitude toward English vocabulary language learning but also increased their vocabulary retention level of the target vocabulary through spaced repetitions.