Framing the invisible : section as a spatial frame for a reconsideration of architectural representation

Alkan, Alper Semih
This thesis is a critical reconsideration of the relationship of architectural production with its أmodesؤ of representation. Historically, the representation of architecture has been signifying an interval where the displacement between the mental conception and its material expression has taken place. The group composed of plan, section and elevation is called أorthographic set,ؤ which has been accepted as a universal code in architecture since it is attributed with the basic premise of its being أobjectiveؤ and أinternational.ؤ It is this attributed character of the drawings, which will be investigated in respect to the act of أsectioning.ؤ Section displays an ambiguous character that it is the أpicture planeؤ and the act of أcuttingؤ at once. This study is a critical redefinition of section as a spatial act of أframing.ؤ The construction of picture plane is discussed as a specific condition of framing, thus of أsectioning.ؤ Like the specificity of the perspectival representation, the section constructs its own frame, in which the physical cut into the body of architectural object and its flattened spatial depth overlap. Therefore, أsectionؤ is redefined as the operation of a spatial framing, which rather أhidesؤ than أdisplaysؤ. It is in this hidden dimension that the epistemological value in architectural representation lies. The significance of the أpicture plane,ؤ that is the incision plane, is revealed by its relation to the constitution of perspective and projective drawings. The related concept of أprojection,ؤ whose mode strictly corresponds to the distance stimulated by the mode of projection, provides not only a critical distance but also brings about the operations to overcome that distance. In this respect, acknowledging أsectionؤ in architectural representation as a conceptual spatial frame, the study tries to reveal the inherent depth of the medium of
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A. S. Alkan, “ Framing the invisible : section as a spatial frame for a reconsideration of architectural representation,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2004.