The experiences of two generation of women in poverty : a case study in Çandarlı,Altındağ in Ankara

Türkyılmaz, Süheyla
This study attempts to focus on a narrower scope specifically is aimed to search for the possible explanations for women̕s and their daughters̕ poverty experiences by arguing that within the household, women and their daughters are more vulnerable to poverty than men because of the dominant ideologies. I have already implemented a field study in one of Ankara̕s squatter area which is called Hidirliktepe located in district of Altindag with 30 women and their eldest daughters living in the same household. One of the qualitative interviewing techniques, in-depth interviewing, has been applied to the respondents and two different questionnaire frames used for mothers and the daughters. There are some important conclusions of the thesis. One of them is that poverty is experienced by women and their daughters different than the other members of the household. Another is that these experiences are also transferred to their daughters within the household. However, daughters are in a better condition than their mothers which might constitute a hope for their salvation from poverty because due to the changes in their social environments, their expectations also change. Moreover, survival strategies developed by women against poverty designate the level of poverty which is being experienced by women in the long term.


A critical evaluation of enabling strategies toward poverty reduction : the case conditional cash transfer program in Turkey
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Akarsu, Albina Sıla; Sakallı, Nuray (2021-10-01)
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S. Türkyılmaz, “The experiences of two generation of women in poverty : a case study in Çandarlı,Altındağ in Ankara ,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.