Development of a subsidence model for Çayırhan coal mine

Hacıosmanoğlu, M. Esenay
In this study, subsidence analyses were carried out for panels B14, B12, B10, B02, C12, C10, C08 of Çayirhan Lignite Mine using in-situ subsidence measurements. Using the measurements from stations, installed both parallel and perpendicular to panel-advance direction, subsidence profiles were plotted as a function of time and distance from panel center. Horizontal displacement and strain curves were also plotted and compared with subsidence profiles. There are various methods used for subsidence prediction. In this study however, a subsidence model was developed based on empirical model obtained from nonlinear regression analysis. During the analyses SPSS (V.10.0) software was used and the unknown parameters associated with subsidence function were determined for the stations above B14 panel. Since it was too complicated to take all the affecting factors into consideration, only the parameters which could be estimated by statistical evaluation were taken into account during analyses. One significant contribution of this study to subsidence subject was the comparison of the subsidence values measured during this investigation with the values predicted by some other empirical methods. In this study, the structural damages to the pylons installed on ground surface above retreating longwall panels were also investigated by the use of previous studies. Slope as well as horizontal strain changes caused by ground movements due to underground mining were determined. Last but not least, it should be stated another significant contribution of this study to engineering was the collection of a significant database obtained from field measurements.
Citation Formats
M. E. Hacıosmanoğlu, “Development of a subsidence model for Çayırhan coal mine,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.