Ad Hoc routing simulation and tactical picture display tool for navy

Aymak, Onur
The importance of communication is vital in wartime. The capability of having all the position information of the allied and enemy forces in a single Tactical Information Display System (TIDS), maintains a great advantage for deciding what to do before the enemy reacts. A Naval Information Distributing System (NIDS) is developed for building an effective communication infrastructure between the war ships. In the designed network, besides the mobile platforms (ships), some fixed platforms (land stations) are used to transfer the information coming from these mobile platforms to all the other platforms. To demonstrate the performance and effectiveness of the Naval Information Distribution System, a discrete event simulation model is developed on a Geographic Information System. The goal of this thesis is to describe and experimentally evaluate an effective and feasible information sharing and routing system for Navy.
Citation Formats
O. Aymak, “Ad Hoc routing simulation and tactical picture display tool for navy,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.