Optimization algorithms for resource allocation problem of air tasking order preparation

Bayrak, Ahmet Engin
In recent years, evolving technology has provided a wide range of resources for Military forces. However, that wideness also caused resource management difficulties in combat missions. Air Tasking Order (ATO) is prepared for various missions of air combats in order to reach objectives by an optimized resource management. Considering combinatorial military aspects with dynamic objectives and various constraints; computer support became inevitable for optimizing the resource management in air force operations. In this thesis, we study different optimization approaches for resource allocation problem of ATO preparation and analyze their performance. We proposed a genetic algorithm formulation with customized encoding, crossover and fitness calculation mechanisms by using the domain knowledge. A linear programming formulation of the problem is developed by integer decision variables and it is used for effectivity and efficiency analysis of genetic algorithm formulations.
Citation Formats
A. E. Bayrak, “Optimization algorithms for resource allocation problem of air tasking order preparation,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.