Urban spaces re-defined in daily prectices : the case of "minibar", Ankara

Altay, Deniz
This study, preconceives space as a social phenomenon, and emphasizes the fact that the urban space cannot be separated from its inhabitants. Accordingly, it suggests that the investigation of both the city and its inhabitants is crucial with respect to everyday life and practice. Hence, the study questions how inhabitants create their spaces following their needs and demands, and how the urban space is re-defined and re-produced through appropriation. Moreover, the study aims to understand how the inhabitants express themselves and how they resist through the spaces they produce in their daily practices. With this aim, the thesis investigates a spatial activity performed by young people in Ankara, the case of ءMinibar̕, for understanding the process explained as ءre-definition̕ of urban space. The research reveals that these spaces become possible through their spatial characteristics. These spaces transgress the established space, yet they are sustained due to their ephemerality, impermanency and flexibility. Furthermore these spaces are discovered to be a medium of expression for the inhabitants. In conclusion, this study asserts an approach towards the city and explains that through looking to the ءlived spaces̕ rather than rhetorics, calculations and presumptions, we can obtain a clear and actual picture about the city and the inhabitants.
Citation Formats
D. Altay, “Urban spaces re-defined in daily prectices : the case of “minibar”, Ankara ,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.