Modelling the relationship between the science teacher characteristics abd eighth grade Turkish student science achievement in TIMSS-R

Yaman, İbrahim
Teachers are percived as primary role in a students' learning process. To adequately perform this role, certain teacher characteristics are potentially more valuable for encouraging student learning. In an attempt to discern those charactersitics related to student learning and teacher behavior in the science classroom, numerous studies have beenconducted. The aim of this study is modeling the relationship between the teacher characteristics abd the student science achievement. Modeling analysis was carried out by using the data collected for the Third Internatioal Mathematics and Science Study (TIMS, 1999) for Turkey with Science Teacher Background Questionnaire and students' achievement test scores. For the analysis LISREL package program was used. The results show that the students of teachers who prefer student-centered learning activities got low scores from science achievement test in TIMSS. Also teachers believe that disruptive and uninterested students in the class negatively affect sciecne achievement. Moreover, there is a positive significant relationship between the science achievement and the tasks that includes anlayze relationship, explain reasoning, and work on problems. In the present study you can find an analysis about the contradiction of the some of the results of the study with the current literature in the field of education.


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İ. Yaman, “Modelling the relationship between the science teacher characteristics abd eighth grade Turkish student science achievement in TIMSS-R,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.