Application of statistical process control to software development processes via control charts

Sargut, Kamil Umut
The application of Statistical Process Control (SPC) to software processes has been a challenging issue for software engineers and researchers. Although SPC is suggested for providing process control and achieving higher process maturity levels, there are very few resources that describe success stories, implementation details, and implemented guidelines for applying SPC to specific metrics. In this thesis the findings of a case study that is performed for investigating the applicability of SPC to software metrics in an emergent CMM Level 3 software organization are presented. As being one of the basic and most sophisticated tools of SPC, control charts are used for the analysis. The difficulties in application of Statistical Process Control to a CMM Level 3 organization are observed by using the existing data of defect density, rework percentage, productivity and review performance metrics and relevant suggestions are provided for dealing with them. Finally the analysis results are summarized and a guideline is prepared for software companies who want to utilize control charts by using their existing metric data.