Semantically enriched web service composition in mobile environments

Ertürkmen, K. Alpay
Web Services are self-contained, self-describing, modular applications that can be published, located, and invoked through XML artefacts across the Web. Web services technologies can be applied to many kinds of applications, where they offer considerable advantages compared to the old world of product-specific APIs, platform-specific coding, and other أbrittleؤ technology restrictions. Currently there are millions of web services available on the web due to the increase in e-commerce business volume. Web services can be discovered using public registries and invoked through respective interfaces. However how to automatically find, compose, invoke and monitor the web services is still an issue. The automatic discovery, composition, invocation and monitoring of web services require that semantics will be attached to service definitions. The focus of this thesis is on the composition of web services. The approach taken is to extend the DAML-S ontology that is used to define the semantics of services to include the أsucceeding servicesؤ for any service provided. These definitions for individual service instances are declared by the service providers. They are presented to the users of the service to construct a workflow in a mobile environment. The workflow generated is represented both graphically in the mobile device and in XML-format as a BPEL4WS document. The aim of this thesis is to prove that it is possible to build a semi-automatic web service composition utility incorporating semantic constructs, using a mobile device. The generated workflow is suitable for deployment on an engine where it can be executed multiple times with different configurations.
Citation Formats
K. A. Ertürkmen, “Semantically enriched web service composition in mobile environments,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2003.