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Design and implementation of a privacy framework for web servicesin the travel domain

Erkanar, Mehmet
A web service is a collection of functions that are packaged as a single entity and published to the network for use by other programs. Web services are building blocks for creating open distributed systems, and allow companies and individuals to quickly and cheaply make their digital assets available worldwide. With considerable interoperability, privacy management becomes an inevitable concern of the web services. Companies and individuals should be able to restrict the information available about themselves and specify the use of that information in order to protect their confidentiality. In the thesis, a privacy framework has been designed and implemented in order to prepare and match privacy documents for web services. Privacy documents are prepared based upon message ontologies which describe the input data of web services. Service requestors and providers prepare their own privacy documents which are going to be checked before the web service transaction begins. Privacy content has been derived from the World Wide Web Consortium̕s Platform for Privacy Preferences specification.