Gifted students' attitudes towards science and classroom environment based on gender and grade level

Cürebal, Fulya
The purpose of the present study is to investigate the differences on gifted student̕s attitudes toward science and their preferred classroom climate during science classes based on gender and grade level. Two questionnaires, the Test of Science Related Attitudes (TOSRA) and the Individualized Classroom Environment Questionnaire (ICEQ), were used as survey tools in this study. A group of 163 gifted and talented students among four academic levels which are eighth grade, English prep class, ninth and eleventh grade were assigned to take part in this study. The data obtained from administration of measuring instrument were analyzed by using Two-Analyses of Variance (ANOVA). Result indicated that grade level of students had a significant effect on attitudes towards science. The study found, first, lower-grade students show more positive attitudes toward science than the students at higher-grade level. Secondly, there are significant differences were found among students in their perceptions of the science classroom environment based on their gender and grade level. Female students expected more personalization than male students, higher grade students preferred to have more independence and more differentiated classroom environment than lower grade students while they are learning.
Citation Formats
F. Cürebal, “Gifted students’ attitudes towards science and classroom environment based on gender and grade level,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.