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Effect of solid state power amplifier nonlinearity on various phase shift keying modulation schemes

Dudak, Celal
This study concentrates on the performance evaluation of a specific modulation scheme under nonlinear operation. This modulation scheme is the phase shift keying (PSK) modulation, exemplified by the special cases of BPSK, QPSK, OQPSK, p/4-QPSK. The specific nonlinear block is chosen to be the solid state power amplifier (SSPA) structure whose simulation model is the Rapp model. Varying transmitter filter characteristic and one of the power amplifier parameters constitute the main methodology of simulations. Bit error rate (BER), error vector magnitude (EVM), and Space Frequency Coordination Group (SFCG) spectral mask constraint are the evaluation parameters taken into account throughout this study. Simulation results support the initial literature survey, which reveals additional features showing how each modulation scheme is affected by various SSPA nonlinearity characteristics.