Turkish construction firms in the Russian Federation

Şavlı, Devrim
This thesis analyzes the penetration process of Turkish construction firms into the Russian market, in the frame of developing relations between Turkey and Russian Federation. Starting from the demise of Soviet Union, Turkish construction firms have played an important role on the convergence of these two countries both in economical and political relations. The dominance of the politics on the bilateral relations between Turkey and Soviet Union has started to weaken since from the liberalization attempts in both of the countries starting from the first half of 1980s. By the demise of Soviet Union, including Turkish construction activities in the Russian Federation, commercial relations have become the dominant factor that determines direction of the bilateral relations between these two countries. Within this context, this thesis seeks to explore the nature of overseas construction works in a particular geographical area, namely in the Russian Federation. In this study, I applied the semi-structured in-depth interview technique. The target group was selected from the administrative personnel and the field workers of Turkish overseas construction companies that have worked in the Russian construction market. In this frame, I carried out interviews with 10 top level managers of the Turkish overseas construction firms and 10 construction workers who have been worked in the Russian Federation.
Citation Formats
D. Şavlı, “Turkish construction firms in the Russian Federation,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.