An agent-based order review and release system in make-to-order production

Aktuğ, Onur
Workload control (WLC) systems constitute a framework mainly for the inputoutput control systems which regulate both jobs̕ queues into the workshop and the flow of finished goods out of the workshop. This study is concerned with the job entry and release level of WLC which maintains a pool of unreleased jobs for the controlled release of jobs. While most of the studies in WLC concepts deal with the centralized workload control, our study decentralizes the job entry and release control and makes workstations more powerful in schedule decision making. Job̕s information is sent to the workstations by mediator which is the supervisor of the workstation. Both mediator and work stations are represented by agents in a distributed system. Jobs̕ routing information is assumed to be known in advance. The developed system is verified and validated by means of test runs. Results are analyzed as well.