Implementation of concurrent constraint transaction logic and its user interface

Altunyuva, Fethi
This thesis implements a logical formalism framework called Concurrent Constraint Transaction Logic (abbr.,CCTR) which was defined for modeling and scheduling of workflows under resource allocation and cost constraints and develops an extensible and flexible graphical user interface for the framework. CCTR extends Concurrent Transaction Logic and integrates with Constraint Logic Programming to find the correct scheduling of tasks that involves resource and cost constraints. The developed system, which integrates Prolog and Java Platforms, is designed to serve as the basic environment for enterprise applications that involves CCTR based workflows and schedulers. Full implementation described in this thesis clearly illustrated that CCTR can be used as a workflow scheduler that involves not only temporal and causal constraints but also resource and cost constraints.
Citation Formats
F. Altunyuva, “Implementation of concurrent constraint transaction logic and its user interface,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.