Demonstration of a stabilized hovering platform for undergraduate laboratory

Çamlıca, Fahri Buğra
This research work covers the design, manufacture and testing of an unmanned aerial vehicle for the purpose of testing various control systems by undergraduate students in the laboratory environment. The aerial vehicle under consideration is a four-rotor propeller powered. Aluminum rod based mechanical structure is preferred. The stabilization of the hovering vehicle in its rotational axes in the air and navigation about the yaw axis are the accomplished goals of this study. The aerial vehicle is run in real time by using Matlab 6.5 Software̕s xPc module. The linear quadratic regulator and PD controllers are utilized to stabilize the aerial vehicle in its rotation axes. To eliminate the measurement noise generated by the sensors, low-pass second order transfer function is designed and its implementation to real time experiments is discussed.
Citation Formats
F. B. Çamlıca, “Demonstration of a stabilized hovering platform for undergraduate laboratory,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.