Exchange Rate Pass-Through in Turkey: An Empiricial Investigation

Pekbaş, Melek Özgür
This study investigates the degree of exchange rate pass-through to prices in different sectors for Turkish economy using Johansen Cointegration procedure. The study is based on quarterly data from 1994:1 to 2003:4. In this study it is concluded that the long-run exchange rate pass-through to overall wholesale prices for Turkey is very high and nearly complete. High pass-through degrees are also valid for different sub-sectors wholesale prices like private, public, manufacturing industry and energy. Moreover, it is detected that the prices set by public sector have higher exchange rate pass-through but longer adjustment period as compared to private sector prices.
Citation Formats
M. Ö. Pekbaş, “Exchange Rate Pass-Through in Turkey: An Empiricial Investigation,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.