Interactive volume rendering for medical images

Orhun, Koray
Volume rendering is one of the branches of scientific visualization. Its popularity has grown in the recent years, and due to the increase in the computation speed of the graphics hardware of the desktop systems, became more and more accessible. Visualizing volumetric datasets using volume rendering technique requires a large amount of trilinear interpolation operations that are computationally expensive. This situation used to restrict volume rendering methods to be used only in high-end graphics workstations or with special-purpose hardware. In this thesis, an application tool has been developed using hardware accelerated volume rendering techniques on commercial graphics processing devices. This implementation has been developed with a 3D texture based approach using bump mapping for building an illumination model with OpenGL API. The aim of this work is to propose visualization methods and tools for rendering medical image datasets at interactive rates. The methods and tool are validated and compared with a commercially available software.
Citation Formats
K. Orhun, “Interactive volume rendering for medical images,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.