The effect of a reminiscence group counseling program on the life satisfaction of older adults

Siviş, Rahşan
The purpose of the present study is to investigate the efficacy of a reminiscence group counseling program on the life satisfaction of older adults aged 60 years and over. In the first phase of the study, 70 older adults (39 women and 31 men, M = 77 years old) residing at a retirement home in Ankara were administered the Life Satisfaction Index A (LSIA), and a demographic information sheet. In the second phase of the study, volunteering older adults were screened for a researcher-designed “Reminiscence Group Counseling Program”. An experimental matched-pairs design was used in the study. The group program was composed of six sessions aimed at reminiscing about pleasant memories, past accomplishments, and joyful past experiences. Session themes included place of birth, recall of childhood pastimes, holidays, life accomplishments, and favorite places. Participants in the treatment group were five older adults (three women and two men) aged 62-78 (M = 68). Following treatment, subjects in the treatment and no-treatment control groups were compared at pre- and post-test measures of life satisfaction. A focus group interview was also conducted in order to evaluate the participants’ group experience. Results of Mann-Whitney U Test and Wilcoxon Test revealed non-significant increases in the life satisfaction scores of older adults in the treatment group. The focus group interview elicited positive feedback regarding members’ group experience, such as group’s role in facilitating interaction and friendship among participants, enhancing a more positive self-image and leading to enjoyment and pleasant feelings for them.


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R. Siviş, “The effect of a reminiscence group counseling program on the life satisfaction of older adults,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2005.