German ideas and expectations on expansion in the near east (1890-1915)

Deren, Seçil
This thesis analyses the pecularities of German imperialism in the Near East. The economic aspect of German imperialist policy is reflected in the Baghdad Railway Project, and the political aspect in the German support for pan-Islamism. In this thesis, it is argued that both of these policies were dominated by an anti-colonialist discourse, which formed the distinct nature of German imperialism in the Near East. In order to prove this argument, the works of advocates of German expansion in the Near East has been analysed as the main sourced of influence on the German public opinion.


The Orient journey of Kaiser Wilhelm II (1898)
Ertan, İrfan; Turan, Ömer; Department of History (2018)
This thesis analyses the journey of Kaiser Wilhelm II of the German Empire to the Ottoman Empire in 1898, during a very tense time of the Europe. We see a policy of isolation for both, the Ottoman Empire and the German Empire in the late 19th century because of their policies against European Powers. The Ottoman Empire lost the support of Britain and became an open target for the imperialist powers of the West. She also tried to protect her rights and power in the European policy against internal and extern...
German foreign policy after reunification
Tuna, Hale; Bağcı, Hüseyin; Department of International Relations (1995)
This thesis analyzes effects of the reunification on German foreign policy. It will search for an answer to this popular question: Has Germany become a militarist and expansionist state after the reunification, aiming the fourth Reich? To answer it, developments in global political system will be traced, and within that framework, Germany’s options and restrictions will be analyzed. With the collapse of communist bloc, political system in the world has dramatically changed. Thanks to the European Union, now...
German foreign policy : change and continuity (1949-2000)
Gül, Murat; Kip Barnard, Fulya; Department of International Relations (2003)
This thesis aims to analyse the change and continuity issue in German Foreign Policy. In this study, the basic aim is to identify the basic parameters of the West German foreign policy during the Cold War and identify the implications of the reunification on foreign policy of Germany. Actually, after the reunification, the economically giant Germany has started to pursue a more self-reliant foreign policy course but there is not a radical shift from the basic parameters and the core values. The concept of ₁...
Forces of liberalism and conservatism in the nineteenth century: a comparative study on the İtalian peninsula and the Ottoman Empire
Bordignon, Mattia; Soykut, Mustafa; Department of Middle East Studies (2011)
This thesis analyses the position of the Ottoman Empire and the Italian penin- sula and their position in the international scenario during the 19th century. This work studies the developments in the Ottoman Empire and the Italian peninsula from the beginning of the Tanzimat (in the Ottoman Empire) and the Risorgimento (in the Italian peninsula), until the Crimean War, and eval- uates the consequences of these events for the European balance of power. These developments took place at a time when Europe was ...
Problems of democratizaton in Armenia (1991-2019)
Kıyak, Figen; Kuşçu Bonnenfant, Işık; Department of Eurasian Studies (2019)
This thesis analyses problems of democratization in post-Soviet Armenia. In this context, I will examine the progresses and problems of the Republic of Armenia within the framework of democratization from declaration of independence to current day. The democratization steps are evaluated within the scope of economy and corruption, civil society, media, foreign and domestic politics, electoral processes and the rule of law. This is done through a historical analysis of the rule of each president since indepe...
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S. Deren, “German ideas and expectations on expansion in the near east (1890-1915),” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2004.