Problems of democratizaton in Armenia (1991-2019)

Kıyak, Figen
This thesis analyses problems of democratization in post-Soviet Armenia. In this context, I will examine the progresses and problems of the Republic of Armenia within the framework of democratization from declaration of independence to current day. The democratization steps are evaluated within the scope of economy and corruption, civil society, media, foreign and domestic politics, electoral processes and the rule of law. This is done through a historical analysis of the rule of each president since independence. The aim of this study is to find out to what extent the Republic of Armenia has made progress in terms of democratization until today and what have the obstacles been within this scope. In this study, the literature and media analysis are used alongside historical analysis. Additionally, it is benefited from quantitative data and statistics for some issues like the results of electoral processes, the scope of corruption, Armenia’s democracy score. Finally, how the developments in Armenia have a broad repercussion in the international arena, primarily in Russia, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, United States and Europe, is explained with the method of media analysis. In the end of the study, I find out that there are so many major problems in terms of democratization in Armenia such as corruption in the elections, state oppression over media and civil society and unfair and unfree jurisdiction. Further, it is concluded that the foreign policy of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh conflict are affecting domestic policy and so democratization process of Armenia, adversely. On the other hand, with the realization of the Velvet Revolution in 2018, positive developments in the way of democratization are observed in Armenia. The time will show what will happen in Armenia with the new government within the scope of democratization.
Citation Formats
F. Kıyak, “Problems of democratizaton in Armenia (1991-2019),” Thesis (M.S.) -- Graduate School of Social Sciences. Eurasian Studies., Middle East Technical University, 2019.