Spatial planning and the Idea of progress :Zonguldak regional and metropolitan planning experiences

Gündoğan, Özdemir
The object of the study is spatial planning; the point of view to spatial planning is idea of progress. Within this framework, this thesis will examine, planning activity, one of the most important mediation between planners and space. Planning activity will express itself as the circulation of purpose (analysis) and action during the thesis. Firstly, spontaneity of objective purpose, partial conscious character of political purpose and conscious position of subjective purpose will be admitted as global irrational action, and so spatial planning will be assumed as a priori against idea of progress. Secondly, (partial) conscious position will express itself as the conflict of truth and illusion. Thirdly, totality, the representative of process of becoming, will supply itself as the object of idea of progress. Therefore, while examining concrete forms of planning, totality will become the mean of idea of progress. Within this context, the first claim of our thesis is that concrete forms of planning cannot bring about the progress directly. The second claim is that they are unconscious about their position in conflict and developing one-sided attitude against space. Lastly, in the sense of totality, the third claim is that planning theories and practices, historically, produce opposinary dynamics in them. Therefore, it will be introduced that two one-sided critiques of comprehensive planning- one is materialist and the other is idealist- comes together and produces structure planning. Moreover, structure planning will be claimed as flexible modes of becoming, abstractly sublating historical ideologies. As a result the new modes of becoming will be considered, similarly, loading its conflict and opposinary dynamics in it, this conflict is the conflict between concrete form of planning departuring from reality and planning theory arriving to reality.
Citation Formats
Ö. Gündoğan, “Spatial planning and the Idea of progress :Zonguldak regional and metropolitan planning experiences,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.