Development in secondary pre-service mathematics teachers' pre-existing beliefs during the last 1.5 years of the five year integrated program

Eryılmaz, Ayşegül
The purpose of this study was to determine the fourteen pre-service mathematics teachers̕ beliefs about mathematics and teaching and learning of mathematics, and their expectations and acquisitions of the Five Year Integrated Program in the Department of Secondary Science and Mathematics Education at Gazi University, Turkey, and the development in their beliefs during the last three semesters of the program. The data were collected through four longitudinal interviews from each participant. Data collection process began at the beginning of the spring semester of the 2002ا2003 academic year and ended at the end of spring semester of the 2003ا2004 academic year. The interviews were tape-recorded and transcribed verbatim to produce a complete record of the interviewees̕ conversation. The findings that were gathered from analyses of individual interviews show that pre-service teachers came to teacher education programs with some beliefs about mathematics, and teaching and learning of it. The interviews have provided evidence that pre-service teachers seemed to develop some new beliefs about mathematics during the first 3.5 years of program, and that the courses of the last 1.5 years of the program improved and consolidated pre-service teachers̕ attitudes towards and beliefs about mathematics, and beliefs about the teaching and learning of mathematics. The research findings lead to the conclusion that OFD406, OFD408, OFD509 and OFD501 courses were perceived as the most effective courses and OFD402, OFD410 and OFD507 courses were considered as the least effective courses of the program.
Citation Formats
A. Eryılmaz, “Development in secondary pre-service mathematics teachers’ pre-existing beliefs during the last 1.5 years of the five year integrated program,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.