The effects of video-case based instruction on preservice teachers' achievemennt of course content

Baran, Evrim
It has been widely discussed that current practices of preservice teacher education are still far away from utilizing contemporary methods and strategies in its curriculum practices in Turkey. Preservice teachers are not provided enough classroom experiences connecting theory to teaching practice. As a result of this, many senior teachers need further guidance and supervision to transfer their knowledge into school environments. In order to address this failure in bridging what is learned and practiced in preservice teacher education to that of real class happenings, an experimental study was conducted with the application of an alternative method namely video-case based instruction. This research study aimed to examine the differences between traditional lecture based instruction and video-case based instruction in terms of their effectiveness of presenting the content at “Introduction to Teaching Profession Course” delivered to the preservice teachers. Additionally, the study also aimed to evaluate the attitudes of students toward video-case based instruction to which they were exposed. In this study, video-case based instruction and lecture based instruction were applied in three sessions of application and they were compared in terms of delivering the course content. Data were collected from two sections of EDS 119 Course during 2005-2006 fall semester by administrating pretests, posttests, questionnaires and interviews. Data analysis was carried out through both quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques. Results demonstrated that video-case based instruction demonstrated achievement of course content and support significant difference overall between video-case based instruction and lecture based instruction in content achievement. The participants of the study reported positive attitudes towards video-case based instruction both for its current application and future uses. The results revealed that using video-case based methods in preservice teacher education programs may be a viable alternative for allowing students connect real teaching practices with what they learn in their pedagogy courses.
Citation Formats
E. Baran, “The effects of video-case based instruction on preservice teachers’ achievemennt of course content,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.