Instrumented monitoring and dynamic testing of Metu cable stayed pedestrian bridge and comparisons against analytical model simulations

Özerkan, Taner
This study includes structural instrumentation and monitoring of a 48.5 meters long cable-stayed pedestrian bridge located on Eskişehir road near METU campus. The objectives of the study are (1) to monitor the bridge responses during erection and operation stages so that the strain changes are determined during important events such as transportation, lifting, cabling, mid-support removal, slab concrete pouring and tile placement, (2) to determine existing cable forces using vibration frequencies, and (3) comparison of the experimental and analytical results for model updating. A total of 10 vibrating wire type strain gages were used for strain readings in steel members. The readings are taken at various stages of construction at every 10 to 30 minutes intervals. The bridge responses were monitored about three months and large strain changes in the order of 300 to 500 micro-strain were recorded during important events (e.g., transportation, lifting, cabling, mid-support removal, deck cover placement). The deck and tower natural vibration frequency measurements are conducted in two main directions. Two different FE models are constructed using two levels of complexity. FEM analysis results are compared against measured natural frequencies of the bridge and tower. Simplistic analytical model is modified to include temporary support removal in order to perform staged construction simulation and investigate cable force variations. Actual cable tensile forces are obtained using measured cable natural vibration frequencies. The cable frequencies are measured using a CR10X data logger and a PCB 393C accelerometer. Existing cable forces are compared against analytical simulations and symmetrically placed cables


Seismic performance assessment of reinforced concrete overpass bridges with nonlinear analyses
Cantürk, Tolga; Baran, Eray; Department of Civil Engineering (2022-2)
In this study, seismic performance assessment of reinforced concrete overpass bridges located along the currently under construction Kınalı-Tekirdağ-Çanakkale-Savaştepe Highway was conducted. Overpass bridges consisted of two-span precast concrete girders and reinforced concrete cast-in-place circular cross section columns. Because of proximity to active faults detailed seismic investigation of the region had already been conducted and site-specific seismic design spectrums had been developed. Structural de...
Geotechnical investigations and preliminary support design for the Gecilmez tunnel: A case study along the Black Sea coastal highway, Giresun, northern Turkey
Akgün, Haluk; Kockar, Mustafa Kerem (2014-02-01)
This study encompasses geotechnical investigations, stability assessments and design of the preliminary support systems for the Gecilmez tunnel which is constructed in Giresun for the improvement of the highway along the Black Sea coast. During the study, a detailed geological map of the study area was prepared and the geotechnical characteristics of the rock masses were determined. The rock mass classification of the tunnel grounds was performed by utilizing the RMR method, Q system, NATM and the Geologica...
ERKIP, AK; SCHROHE, E (Elsevier BV, 1992-10-01)
Normal solvability is shown for a class of boundary value problems on Riemannian manifolds with noncompact boundary using a concept of weighted pseudodifferential operators and weighted Sobolev spaces together with Lopatinski-Shapiro type boundary conditions. An essential step is to show that the standard normal derivative defined in terms of the Riemannian metric is in fact a weighted pseudodifferential operator of the considered class provided the metric is compatible with the symbols.
Özgenoğlu, Müge; Arıcı, Yalın (null; 2017-11-01)
The seismic design and evaluation of large bridges is a demanding task owing to the significant size and the structural characteristics of these systems. Although elastic analysis methods are regarded as sufficient for common, uncritical bridges; complex analysis methods such as non-linear time history analysis (NTHA) are often required for non-standard and/or important bridges. The selection of the ground motions that will be used in non-linear time history analysis is a crucial task in this regard as the ...
Comparison of domain-independent and domain-specific location predictors with campus-wide Wi-Fi mobility data
Karakoç, Mücahit; Coşar, Ahmet; Bayır, Murat Ali; Department of Computer Engineering (2010)
In mobile computing systems, predicting the next location of a mobile wireless user has gained interest over the past decade. Location prediction may have a wide-range of application areas such as network load balancing, advertising and web page prefetching. In the literature, there exist many location predictors which are divided into two main classes: domain-independent and domain-specific. Song et al. compare the prediction accuracy of the domain-independent predictors from four major families, namely, M...
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T. Özerkan, “Instrumented monitoring and dynamic testing of Metu cable stayed pedestrian bridge and comparisons against analytical model simulations,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.