Vanadium and molybdenum incorporated mcm-41 catalysts for selective oxidation of ethanol

Güçbilmez, Yeşim
In this study, V-MCM-41, MCM-41 and Mo-MCM-41 catalysts were synthesized by the one-pot alkaline and acidic synthesis methods. The as-synthesized catalysts were found to have high BET surface areas (430-1450 m2/g), homogeneous pore size distributions (2-4 nm), good crystalline patterns and high metal loading levels (Metal/Si atomic ratio in the solid = 0.01-0.16) as determined by the characterization studies. MCM-41 and Mo-MCM-41 catalysts were highly active in the selective oxidation of ethanol with conversion levels of 56% and 71%, respectively, at 400oC for an O2/EtOH feed ratio of 0.5. Both catalysts had very high selectivities to acetaldehyde at temperatures below 300oC. Conversions exceeded 95% with the V-MCM-41 catalyst having a V/Si molar ratio (in the solid) of 0.04 in the temperature range of 300oC-375oC for the O2/EtOH feed ratios of 0.5-2.0. Acetaldehyde selectivities changed between 0.82-1.00 at the temperature range of 150oC-250oC. Ethylene, which is listed as a minor side product of the selective oxidation of ethanol in literature, was produced with a maximum yield of 0.66 at 400oC at the O2/EtOH feed ratio of 0.5. This yield is higher than the yields obtained in the industrial ethylene production methods such as thermal cracking and oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane. Besides, the feedstock used in this work is a non-petroleum chemical, namely ethanol, which can be produced from sugar and crop wastes by fermentation. Thus, the findings of this study are also proposed as an alternative ethylene production method from a non-petroleum reactant at lower temperatures with higher yields.


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Y. Güçbilmez, “Vanadium and molybdenum incorporated mcm-41 catalysts for selective oxidation of ethanol,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2005.