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Evaluation of architectural and consciousness exploration architecture-based issues in seismic design

Mendi, H. Evgin
The task of ءearthquake resistant design̕ of buildings is generally considered as the province of engineering profession. Although there exists considerable number of publications related to seismic design (documentations, articles, theses, books, and earthquake codes), most of them are addressed to structural engineers rather than architects. However, earthquake affects whole building and all professionals involved in construction process should have their own roles and responsibilities for earthquake resistance. This thesis is about the roles and responsibilities of architects for being one of the professionals related to building construction and, particularly, the designers of them. Exposure of the level of awareness of architects related to the importance of their architectural designs having significant effects on seismic performance of buildings, and the level of general knowledge of them related to architecture-based seismic design issues is aimed. In this thesis, firstly, terminology related to ءearthquake̕ phenomena is concisely introduced. Then, the present state of attitudes (interest, awareness and consciousness) of architectural community, architects working in the architectural offices of Ankara, towards earthquake and architecture-based seismic design issues is questioned and evaluated with a survey in the form of questionnaires. The evaluation of the results is presented with the help of statistical software called SPSS. Finally, the architecture-based issues in seismic design are re-explored and introduced for the use of architects. Thus, general idea or basic knowledge is formed, which is inferred from the survey as being one of the ways to enhance the incorporation of architecture-based seismic design issues into architectural design process.