Geometrical analysis of bridge forms and their feasibility in structural design

Berk, Aysu
Bridges are structures that have both engineering and architectural value. The importance bridges have in society is not only due to their function but their form and posture. Bridges are structures that pass longer spans among all other structures. This passageway includes not only the quantitative values, but the quality also. The perfect harmony between its form and function is reflected in its overall structure. Footbridges are the most intimate type of bridges for people. Usually of smaller dimensions and lighter weight, the design for these types is done with more aesthetic care. In this study, bridges are briefly analyzed from both architectural and engineering points of view. The differences and importance of footbridges in daily life are studied. Some of the existing footbridges in Ankara are observed and models, inspired by them, are made. With necessary adaptations, new cases are obtained and comparisons in their dimensions and structural system are realized.
Citation Formats
A. Berk, “Geometrical analysis of bridge forms and their feasibility in structural design,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2005.