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Two dimensional finite volume weighted essentially non-oscillatory euler schemes with different flux algorithms

Aktürk, Ali
The purpose of this thesis is to implement Finite Volume Weighted Essentially Non-Oscillatory (FV-WENO) scheme to solution of one and two-dimensional discretised Euler equations with different flux algorithms. The effects of the different fluxes on the solution have been tested and discussed. Beside, the effect of the grid on these fluxes has been investigated. Weighted Essentially Non-Oscillatory (WENO) schemes are high order accurate schemes designed for problems with piecewise smooth solutions that involve discontinuities. WENO schemes have been successfully used in applications, especially for problems containing both shocks and complicated smooth solution structures. Fluxes are used as building blocks in FV-WENO scheme. The efficiency of the scheme is dependent on the fluxes used in scheme The applications tested in this thesis are the 1-D Shock Tube Problem, Double Mach Reflection, Supersonic Channel Flow, and supersonic Staggered Wedge Cascade. The numerical solutions for 1-D Shock Tube Problem and the supersonic channel flow are compared with the analytical solutions. The results for the Double Mach Reflection and the supersonic staggered cascade are compared with results from literature.