Lowpass broadband harmonic filter design

Zubi, Hazem
In this thesis an analytical design method of the improved broadband passive harmonic filter (IBF) for three phase diode rectifier front-end type adjustable speed drives is presented. The method is based on frequency domain modeling of the rectifier and filter. The success of the method involves accurate representation of the load harmonics. With the harmonics well defined, the harmonic and fundamental frequency equivalent circuits are utilized to analytically calculate the voltages/currents. Thus, the size and the performance of the filter can be optimized. The analytical method is verified via computer simulations and laboratory experiments. Also a performance comparison of various passive harmonic filters for three-phase diode rectifier front-end type adjustable speed drives is provided. The comparison involves the input current total harmonic distortion, input power factor, rectifier voltage regulation, energy efficiency, size, and cost. The parallel/series harmonic resonance problem related issues are addressed and unbalanced operation performance investigated. The comparison is based on analysis and computer simulations and the results are validated by laboratory experiments.
Citation Formats
H. Zubi, “Lowpass broadband harmonic filter design,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.