Thermal analysis of eutectic modified and grain refined aluminum-silicon alloys

İslamoğlu, H. Erol
A series of AlSi9Mg alloys were prepared and tested to reveal the effect of addition sequence and timing of grain refiner and eutectic modifier. AlSr10 master alloy was used as an modification reagent, and also for grain refiner AlTi5B master alloy was used. The depression at the eutectic temperature due to the addition of modifier and decrease in the amount of undercooling at the liquidus due to the presence of grain refiner were examined by the cooling curves which were obtained by the Alu-Therm instrument, which is the aluminum thermal analyzer of the Heraeus Electro-Nite. The alloys that were both modified and grain refined were subsequently poured as tensile test specimen shapes in permanent die casting mould for four times at 60 minutes time intervals, meanwhile thermal analysis of the alloys were also made. In this work the effect of grain refinement and modification agent, also the determination of the optimum time to pour after adding these agents were studied by aluminum thermal analyzer. The parameters obtained from this analyzer are compared with the microstructures; to see the effect of these agents on mechanical properties, hardness, tensile strength and percent elongation values were investigated. In this study the possibility of predicting the mechanical properties prior to casting by thermal analysis method was examined by regression analysis method. By this method relationship between thermal analysis parameters and mechanical properties was established.
Citation Formats
H. E. İslamoğlu, “Thermal analysis of eutectic modified and grain refined aluminum-silicon alloys,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.