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Texture softening and strain instability in F.C.C. metals: Plane-strain deformation

Öztürk, Tayfur
Davies, Gwilym J. G
An analysis was carried out into texture induced softening and the resulting strain instability in plane-strain deformation. A macroscopic model was employed in the analysis which viewed the deformation as the juxtaposition of suitably disposed positive and negative simple shears. With this model, the textural contribution to the rate of deformation hardening was computed in terms of a texture softening factor, S, this in a form that could readily be incorporated into the relevant conditions for strain instability. Maps were obtained which show the orientation dependence of texture softening factor and the geometry of the macroscopic shear. The former can be used to assess the susceptibility of a textured f.c.c. metal (or a single crystal) for strain instability, and the latter can be used to predict the geometry of shear bands resulting from the instability.