A brief history of the dardanelles jews during early tanzimat years (1839-1845)

Kulu, M. Mustafa
This thesis will attempt to introduce a history of the Dardanelles Jewish community during the early years of the Tanzimat, i.e. between 1839 and 1845. It analyzes the cultural and economic structure of the community and its relations with the Ottoman state in light of developments following the Baltalimanı Convention of 1838 and the proclamation of the Tanzimat. This study, based mostly upon Ottoman archival documents, first will touch upon the initial Jewish settlement in the Dardanelles and the demographic composition of the city during the early years of the Tanzimat. Then it will provide information about Jewish communal organization in the Dardanelles, as it will explain the institutions, religious and lay leadership and some cultural aspects of the Jews. Next, it will bring forth, mostly in statistical tables, properties owned by the Dardanelles Jews, as well as occupational divisions among them such as in crafts, trades and agriculture. The study further will examine their economic stratification in comparison with the non-Jewish communities in the Dardanelles, and briefly outlines their commercial and diplomatic relations with the European states. This thesis also will attempt to cover the community̕s relations with the Ottoman state with respect to Tanzimat reforms and in connection with the foundation of the Grand Rabbinate in 1835, the changes brought to communal administration, and adjustments on taxes paid to the Ottoman state. The fire of 1845 that totally destroyed the Jewish quarter, and its aftermath will be discussed in the last part, thus ending the thesis.


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M. M. Kulu, “A brief history of the dardanelles jews during early tanzimat years (1839-1845),” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.