A comparative study of the press laws of 1909 and 1931

Güçtürk, Yavuz
In this thesis the press laws of 1909 and 1931 are analyzed and compared. Before the comparative examination of the press laws, the emergence and development of press in the Ottoman Empire in the nineteenth century, including the related legal arrangements, is given within an historical framework. This thesis aims to introduce the similarities and differences between the first and only press law of the Ottoman Empire and the first one of the Turkish Republic by examining them in detail. It is argued that the press laws of 1909 and 1931 were prepared to be able to remove the legal deficiencies in press area. However, it is also claimed that the Ottoman and Turkish governments, which prepared the related press laws, was trying to control and suppress the press sine they were anxious about the safety of their regimes. Although both laws included articles that limited the press freedom, this study argues that the press law of 1909 had more liberal aspects in comparison with the Abdulhamid period and, the press law of 1931 gave extensive rights to the government to be able to control the press as a result of restrictions it imposed on the freedom of press which existed at that time.


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Y. Güçtürk, “A comparative study of the press laws of 1909 and 1931,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.