An approach for conservation of railway heritage; assessing and experiencing the İzmir-Aydın railway line

Köşgeroğlu, Fahrettin Emrah
The aim of this thesis is to prepare a conservation project proposal for the first railway line in Anatolia which is the İzmir ا Aydın Railway Line constructed between 1856 and 1866. The historical, political and social background is included in to the subject as well as the recent international debates on railway heritage conservation which provides main frame for the thesis. Here, the problems regarding the Anatolian railway heritage will be defined and to develop a framework for the necessary conservation activities will be suggested including a proposal for the İzmir ا Aydın railway line as the case study. Considering the multidimensional aspects of railway heritage the architecture of the railway stations were chosen as the main focus of the thesis. The station complexes were examined in detail for this purpose. In addition to architectural survey, the history of the line, its political background, the geography in which the line is placed are included into this thesis. The evaluation and the proposal have been developed according to this wide set of information.


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F. E. Köşgeroğlu, “An approach for conservation of railway heritage; assessing and experiencing the İzmir-Aydın railway line,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2005.