Automated web service composition with event calculus

Aydın, Onur
As the Web Services proliferate and complicate it is becoming an overwhelming job to manually prepare the Web Service Compositions which describe the communication and integration between Web Services. This thesis analyzes the usage of Event Calculus, which is one of the logical action-effect definition languages, for the automated preparation and execution of Web Service Compositions. In this context, planning capabilities of Event Calculus are utilized. Translations from Planning Domain Description Language and DARPA Agent Markup Language to Event Calculus are provided to show that Web Services can be composed with the help of Event Calculus. Also comparisons between Event Calculus and other planning languages used for the same purposes are presented.
Citation Formats
O. Aydın, “Automated web service composition with event calculus,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.